On Principle

On Principle

there’s this coffeeshop

and a bar

but where’s the church?

not that god took to

one same as / as much / as such / more

than one to other


till the verity (of) ends

but there are occasions


on principle.



oceans have rage

beneath surface

where the meaning of sunrise

cannot reach.


fortune does no favors for the brave

and as hulls cut ripples

into the sea,


what emotions are stirred?




nothing dies for very long

when in fact,

it was only playing

all along.




where mutinies begin are in icebergs

submerged in bone.


captains accustomed to poison

will find themselves Caesar

as mates

revert to legendary tactics.


with blood on the wheel

promotions are granted

rank rearranged

and the depths

accept their sacrifice.