The Specter

Maybe he’s a listener

but probably

not to these words.


Perhaps he can see

the thousands

of fingers


around many

writing implements

to defend, destroy, defy

his very name.


But for no longer standing,

he’s a better dam

now than ever before.


Holding in all those dreams

to not fall

on barren land

but only

irrigate the crops

worth saving

and sometimes

that’s the whole plain

and sometimes

a single



There is no waste.


And in leisure

play in the pool

And in school

take the swimming lesson


And in old age

wade out a few feet

for memories’



The specter above and below

and certainly before


guides and forgives

with wit

and a phrase

turned just such a way

for all folk

because sometimes

there’s a certain accent

that sells

a joke better

and pulls tears


to the wells

of the cheeks.


(For Langston Hughes)

How Long

How Long

How long does a memory last?

Not in terms of years moving toward Alzheimer’s

But the duration.

It’s shorter than experience

itself, right?

A second, minute, hour,

how quick

through the mind

does it travel,

grow from seed

to fallen petals?

Is there a start

at all?

Do the triggers

shoot straight to the middle?

To the in the midst of?

And are endings failed

before coda,


possibly climax too?

What if “there is no final victory nor total defeat?”                                                           (Adonis – Grave For NY)