ALTPOETICS and Sparks Of Consciousness

Altpoetics is looking for manifestos, mission statements, process pieces and any theory on poetics/poetry, language and translation.   This is the place to voice all those odd and innovative ideas about writing.  This site can also be a place to dig into older theories (as new tends to sprout from old) but really, there’s no need to continue to sing the praises of decades old manifestos.  Let this be the place to voice your own ideas. The future is yours to create.

Altpoetics is also very interested in writing as a response to other writing/writers.  Letters to the past and poems re-visioned/re-imaged are also of great interest.

Altpoetics is also looking for innovative writing.  Poetry which really pushes back against the past to create something new.  Or, so embraces the past that something amazing is crafted.

In addition, Sparks of Consciousness is seeking belles lettres, essays and other types of category defying prose will also be considered at lengths shorter than 3000 words.  (Think Rilke, Pessoa, Anais Nin,  Khlebnikov, Felix Feneon, Maria Dermout etc.)  Micro-drama/flash plays, dialogues and letters are also of great interest.


Please send 3000 words or less in a .doc attachment to  (Previously published material is welcome.)  Also, please title the piece and send a short bio within the attachment.  And, a cover letter is appreciated. For all prose submissions, please include Sparks of Consciousness in the subject line.


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