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dew stuck to grass till morning bid

   the condemned drops be free

In The End

Let’s never do that again.

Let’s not pretend that didn’t just happen.

Let’s not let apples and oranges share the same space.

Let’s not shake the Devil’s right hand.


Let’s not be actors.  Nor directors.

Let’s not say it’s too early or late for that.

Let’s not be reminded of . . .


Let’s not talk about doing more than we’ve done.


Let’s not consider that an option.

Let’s not continue the game.

Let’s not have anything else to talk about.

Let’s not assume a relationship between confidence

And jealousy.

Let’s not forget that silence is all we’ll be risen to in the end.


Finding An Ending

Finding an Ending

. . . so desperately anxious to do the wrong thing correctly.                   Saki (HH Munro)

Let’s walk away from home together.

Let’s try our hands at the traditional.

Let’s write a wish list and incinerate it.

Let’s live down the future and history

That society wrote when it filled out our forms.

Remember me while we assume each other’s steps.

Let’s complement

Let’s never compliment

Let’s find wild mint

Let’s rhyme lyricism

With cynicism

And motivate more words to be written

In our defense against the weekend

When there’s five more days to live for and through.

Let’s let a pudgy person’s passing smile be enough

To smile back

Thinking of tropes

And not thighs as our calves tire

And corns fester in soles.

Let’s go scan the block of another world.

Let’s turn obstacles into stepping stones.

Let’s make a scene.

Let’s set the woods on fire.

One be the east one the west

One north one south

All front page news for the cardinals

And pope to comment on.

Let’s embrace the unkind.

Let’s be our own understanding of a neologism.

Let’s define.

Let’s never be only one sense, one tense or part of speech.

How do you feel, honey, with bees gone and smoke filling the comb?

Let’s underwrite an insular subculture.

Let’s be pretty and sure.

Let’s be the sidewalk after the rain has fallen.

Let’s wish on one another’s superstitions.

Let’s make up fragile lucky signs

For hers and his and missed arrows cast from legendary bows.

Let’s still be something even after leaving.

Let’s say this is the most special time of year.

Let’s be hands off.

Let’s close our minds around each other.

Let’s be hectic. We’ll hustle. Come up with a new grind.

Blades be sharpest since leaving the guild.

Let’s look out the window at our own reflections in the sky.

Let’s talk about the comfort of cages and dots on dominoes.

Let’s share foods exotic to others but break our hearts

With memories of mothers passed away.

Let’s talk about how many mothers we had.

How everywhere we went someone adopted us

Then died.

Let’s be stronger than tears and sadder than someday.

Let’s fix the problems others don’t see.

Let’s text so we can hold each other’s voices.

Let’s find a common rhythm in separate songs.

Let’s make a space age career of falling from clouds.

Let’s touch the Ark of the Covenant and break the Holy Grail.

Let’s ask the lake to give us Excalibur.

Let’s make the once and future – here and now.

Let’s be a roundtable of two.

Let’s unite and knight each other.

Let clothes reek of parties and sunshine.

Say hello to exits. Say you only say ‘insane’ ‘cuz you’re not on the inside.

Let’s make lies be scared of us. Let’s make truth hide in fear of dreams.

Let’s make God question the existence of science.

Let’s make a will and pass down the freedom we found when we lived without free will.

Let’s be remedies to barbwire sicknesses.

Let’s come down with Stockholm syndrome.

Let’s be the fist balled up around nothing

Behind the back then presented for choosing so that wrong would mean

Holding onto a goodie.

Let’s tri-fold into envelopes postage paid to addressees

Who will write ‘return to sender’ across the white space

So our faces will be flush against one another for another trip.

Let’s find two textures in velvet. Let’s spill oil to see rainbows on the street.

Let’s have a hard time finding an ending.


In Today’s

In Today’s

In today’s cane,

the gods

are watching



before rum or molasses

can come


those hands down south

and further down

through scattered


get ready as

no signals are given up

before a revolution



in patois, pidgin, espanol


for liberation

from half-steps

and under-developed