Come stripped

Enter nude

Without nuance

Pretense of support

*  * *

Beyond honest

What’s most superlative?

* * *

The tabletop has circles brushed

into its whatever-it-is


to feel


* * *

Virtue is tugged

by its opposite

to see what dolor

has been painted.

* * *

Dull and moist

city streets-

what does urbane


How is it used


not as in Verlaine’s



Not Victorian

but currently

in the post-contemporary



After the passing

of the Avant and Van-



Where maybe

question marks

shouldn’t be used

or capitalized

(meaning turned

on its head

for preguntas)


Survives Long

Buried in the plans

Soft targets

On pages detached


Seen only when looked for –


For your information and more

As a person

As it were


Of a curious nature

Decolonized from the burial grounds

Where beds are made to lie in

To remove transparency from view

As a bit of consolation.

Every mistake is added to the resume

-never mind

Never really knew what anyone was talking about anyway.

Nodding just came naturally.

Chorus got lost in unison during the sermon.

Couldn’t find the good word

Searched in the lows, highs of preacher’s swoon and swell

Became deaf just in time for the next hymn.

Found a discovery written into the quiet

Found an absence worth exploration

A loss  filled with inventory.

No fun ever survives long.


Jim been waiting awhile now

by another river

for something unknown – free and finally

removed from Finn

knowing full well most none could never

really enjoy his side

could understand those days, that time,

those folks,

a sense of something

don’t nobody quite get.

Tonto never liked a river as much

as a plain or a prairie

but thirst changes a mind fast.

Tonto never liked knowing what that world

thought of him

nor even what the Ranger did

and those stories about folks like Joe was the kind

that gave him a bad name.

Jim and Tonto – two of a different kind

sit on the bank

in a heaven that they

supposed was to be reserved for

masters, colonizers and their kin.

but there’s no Mississippi and no Arizona

no Great Lakes, no states or territories here.

Here Tonto is called by his Spanish name – Toro.

Skin in the sun. Water on their feet. Resting.

Exchanging tales fit for Coyote and Brer Rabbit.

Telling tales that couldn’t fit in books and radios.

Owning the last laugh. Keeping it.

Putting down a claim and a stake. Settling on this.

Making the joke a new nation.

A place without promises just good fishing,

good hunting, good land,

just and good