At A Time – A Place Raised for Brooklyn


swamps sink

back into earth –

bring together

something which wants

to be known

– fragile yet gripping


at threshold

of concrete

bent to lean

against its womb.


Floors made no decisions

for how to exile


from concepts

of colonialists

set to make a city

where water was

separating strength

of lands

a grassy strand

at a time.




It’s Only The Shadow Seen

It’s only the shadow seen

as silhouette reflection

flying across grass.


The bird is gone

the origin

and destination

for those who

already know.

From Stubborn

if a good feeling was all it took

and practice made perfect


how a taste could hang around

get better

aging on tongue


in throat words used before

ask to be

autumn wind


blowing what needs to die

from stubborn trees