Seven Word Self-Portrait

from perspectives

time ignored

no feelings spared


Excerpt from Yawning on the Sands

Excerpt from Yawning on the Sands

What comfort came next in form’s betrayal

was known as merged.

Beast without burden

laid down

watched over waves

– figures afraid of sleep

turned back to streets

to factory

to see future emerge

broken from mold

from origins disposed.

Destruction post-supposes structure.

* * *

No sandcastles could be built

without daydreams

but perhaps a daydream is “cousin to tears”

            (Velimir Klebnikov)

which serve only to sting and wash away

what was made

to give fantasy home

on beach day

Excerpt from Waiting for the Water to Boil as found in Enter the After-Garde

Excerpt from Waiting for the Water to Boil as found in Enter the After-Garde

Ah, but ma jolie rouse

            those embers can’t

burn it all down

and that bob don’t take you low enough

for a sufficient burst

from the surface tension.


But,  you’re an adventurer

and set the twilight reeling

under dead eyes

of gemini.



have pity on me.                           as I am

before all,                                     a man of sense.

And you?,

Blessed with a mouth

made in the image of


speak only the summer’s secrets

of the limitless future

and the violent season

and the youth and spring dead

and the electromagnet

in this mystic form

pulls at

the inductive logic

and steals

dreams of hope and fantasy.

And This Is Why

Don’t worry,

Inevitably an eventuality will

Come, pass

And due to/indebted to


Be recollected


Cause does not create


But purely posits opening

For possibility, potential


As in increments

Beyond measure

There are rifts of disruption

Which slip by


Slip in


At Any Moment

“Should have asked”

but answers aren’t wolves

which can be

turned loyal

into dogs

past cruelty




,responses are pigs

from which will grow


,eventual to return

to boars

hungry at 

any moment