From Stubborn

if a good feeling was all it took

and practice made perfect


how a taste could hang around

get better

aging on tongue


in throat words used before

ask to be

autumn wind


blowing what needs to die

from stubborn trees



Better Half

Fell in love with a hero afraid of the dark
it was natural, weakness was a quirk
which could end a streak of successful saves

The world had light and also evening’s eventuality

The hero woke early and changed batteries in flashlights
-just in case

Villains learned about the phobia over time
and all the traps set
for basements
and six months at the poles
never alleviated the fright

And love for the victims never waned either

Once caught where shade meets alley
the hero rushing past
took a glance
saw vague possibility of trouble-

Paralysis set in as analysis began.

Not paying attention, walked in the hero,
as dark released
its captive nothing
into undisturbed light

The hero hiding a chuckle
posing as savior
thought how even a secret identity
is not a better half.

Art and Entertainment

Bricks are posed as models and actors
for scene and setting
of the mundane.

Each day holding up arms same as yesterday
until everything
is conveyed in just the right way.

Buildings never abandon blockbusters nor flops
yet are let loose
and edited from final cut
by producers
above directors
and no longer taking input
from screenwriters.

Years’ work have no reward
beneath the scrolling list
of stars
as decay is upended
for new faces.

And God has no time for movies,
art and entertainment.