Growing Up Isn’t For Everyone (Capacity Pt. 16)

Growing Up Isn’t For Everyone (Capacity Pt. 16)

If there’s one thing  I’ve learned from watching TV, well, one thing I’m going to discuss now, it’s that growing up isn’t for everybody. I mean look at all those poor kids who just didn’t pan out as adults. Age is a bitch. That’s the truth that TV has taught me.

Ok, think about it, take your favorite cast of childstars and ask where the hell are they now? Hell, look at your yearbook and ask where the hell are they now.

But, maybe it’s not all grim, some wunderkind grow up to be quite spectacular although not necessarily in ways that they had imagined. Take for example the undisputed king of the Kaiju – Godzilla – you think he always wanted that life? No. Godzilla’s probably sitting around going, “Where the hell is my cul-de-sac under the sea?” I mean, as a little tyke, Godzilla probably just looked up and saw a gleam of light from something. It wasn’t the sun it was something else and wanted to see where the light was coming from. Then one day, some bottomfeeding bastard of a sea creature was like, “what, you’ve never seen a sub before?” And, poor Godzilla was like “no, where do those come from? Are those like sharks?” Before you know it, Godzilla gets to talking to the rays and eels and shrimp and whatnot and learns a bit about people, their technology and how to avoid nets. Godzilla also gets to hearing what the other creatures were saying like how an atomic bomb created a monster. And Godzilla is all like, “I’m not a monster and when I get bigger, I’m going to leave the sea and visit the big city. I bet they’ll love me there.” And well, you know how the story goes after that but see, growing up isn’t for everybody. Wait, being young kind of sucks too. TV hasn’t taught me shit about how to deal with anything. Fuck you TV until next week or next season or whenever the hell you have some real answers for dealing with life.


It’s Gotta Be Conducive (Capacity Pt. 13)

It’s Gotta Be Conducive (Capacity Pt. 13)

Who knows where the end is? Who knows if there is only one end or many many more than one might suppose? With so much potential, I figure it’s more worth my while to work on the means. Always focus on all the possibilities. I have fears. Lots of them. Too many to count so I have to stay ready. Or, ready-ish. I’m also kind of lazy.

Being a ruster ain’t the easiest life. It’s risky too but I know some good spots for some scraps. Can make a few bucks on spares and still have some shit left for me and whatever purposes might could possibly arise. You know, each year it gets a little harder. I’ve been doing this for long as I can remember. I’ve always been a halfass hustler. I can do anything for a little while when the mood strikes me. I think there’s a bit of mania inside me. I can be hyper when I need to be. And being broke always brings out the best in me. I’m trying to survive even if I don’t know why.

Anyway, I found this gold chain the other day if you got some loot on you or some shit to trade. I mean, you know what gold is worth these days? It’s a great  conductor or looks good hanging around your neck. Your choice, fashion or function.

What A Good Way To Use The Space (Capacity Pt. 7)

What A Good Way To Use The Space (Capacity Pt. 7)

Remember that one time when your world was changed forever? Like literally. Do you remember when the landscape shifted forever? I do. I was seven.  I think. Let’s say I was seven. Well, let me say I was seven, you can say whatever you want when it’s your turn to speak. So, like I was saying before I interrupted myself, I can remember when the tallest building in town went up. It was crazy. Completely bonkers. Everybody was there for the grand opening. We just wanted to see it up close. We wanted to be in it. We wanted to take a look out on our town and see towns far way. We wanted to see the sky on the sky’s level.

Well, I was kid so that’s how I thought about it. I can’t really speak for anybody else and I did sort of have to drag my parents out to see it.  They weren’t too into it. Maybe they knew how it was going to be filled up below the observation decks. Maybe they knew just what this really meant for the town. This was just one of the many steps towards avoiding the capacity. It was a gamechanger for sure but it was and still is a marvel to behold. It’s like some serious Neo-Tokyo Akira-type shit. Fucking fascinating. I like the idea of living in a comic book town. I love our little manga streets. It’s what makes this town so special to me it. It’s totally Metropunk.

But, the one weird thing about this town is the parking. There really isn’t any. I’m no Joni Mitchell and I’m pretty sure I’d know paradise if it was paved and it hasn’t been which is sort of odd. I mean for having such big structure where are all the cars? I’m a walker. My whole family is. We’re some serious pedestrian folks. And when I’m not walking I’m running. I like the ground beneath my feet but I digress. I mean, I like a tangent. For me, it’s very street. It’s all about turning corners and crossing. To get off topic is to switch lanes or something like that which brings me back to the parking lot situation. Let’s merge back into what I’m trying to talk about. Ok,now I’m done.

So, where are the parking lots? Where do the cars go? And, now I have that Arcade Fire song stuck in my head – No Cars Go:

“We know a place where no planes go
We know a place where no ships go
No cars go
No cars go
Where we know

We know a place where no spaceships go
We know a place where no subs go
No cars go”

But seriously folks, I might be a bit conspiratorial but there’s something strange about a place without parking. Am I right? And yet, I love that building. I still see it with those seven year old eyes. It’s something special and besides, what else were we going to do with the space?

Come Back (Capacity Pt. 6)

Come Back (Capacity Pt. 6)

It’s never easy missing somebody. Luckily, I don’t miss folks. It’s not what I do. I’ve learned better and so I do worse. Sometimes it’s easier on the old sentimentality to erase the very notion, the idea of ‘the good times.’ Fine, there was a time when I really thought I gave a care about somebody else but everything comes to an end sooner or later including caring. And besides, there’s bigger fish to fry. Look at the world we’re living in. Look at this town. How’m I supposed to think of you with this town constantly closing in around me?


Every once in a long while I get lonely. I’m not a complete and total robot. I still have some humanity left in me somewhere I suppose. Ha Ha. Lolz. Lmao. 😉


But, one time, I did give myself over to attraction. We could’ve been best friends if it wasn’t for the fact that we didn’t really like each other. We liked a lot of the same things and the desire to move and so we did move away but I came back. I think I loved home more than I loved any person. Home will always make room for me as long as there’s room to be had but people are much too selfish and so am I. Yet, sometimes I wish the one that got away would come back to make this life a bit more bearable. Two is always better than one. Two targets are always harder to hit.

First Review of Slow Living by Notty Bumbo

Linearity is discouraged.
After an immersion in Slow Living, by Kenyatta JP Garcia, from West Vine Press
By Notty Bumbo
How he said it. How it got here, gets here, sends messages, goes sideways, across time and back, bounces history across personal synapses. This is a work unfolding, a journey despite its most ardent desire to locate a fixed point from which to observe, debate, break open anything within view or hidden behind unreason. From the Greeks to the Geeks, a brief mention of (the first) Hannibal, and never depositing two hundred dollars, Kenyatta goes and goes, his prose opposes fixed coordinates, this/these poems unfolding origami-like before the limits of understanding. A diary of mad fun and sullen rectitude, careening around my skull in philosophical glee. I suspect “JP” means Jet Propelled, or Just Perusing, or Jamming Profundity. I give this book an easy ninety-nine with a bullet– you can dance to it, all right, all night, outta sight!

Spoiler Free Star Wars Review

Spoiler free Star Wars review: if you like Star Wars then you got a Star Wars movie. There were stars and war. If you don’t like Star Wars this probably won’t jump start any kind of obsession with the franchise. If you could go either way then you might as well go this way unless you have better options then go that way. For me, of the rebooted franchises I prefer Mad Max Fury Road or maybe even Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Nonetheless, anything beats the prequels so be happy with that. Also, if you like fascism then this is the movie for you. It’s fascism done right.