First Review of Slow Living by Notty Bumbo

Linearity is discouraged.
After an immersion in Slow Living, by Kenyatta JP Garcia, from West Vine Press
By Notty Bumbo
How he said it. How it got here, gets here, sends messages, goes sideways, across time and back, bounces history across personal synapses. This is a work unfolding, a journey despite its most ardent desire to locate a fixed point from which to observe, debate, break open anything within view or hidden behind unreason. From the Greeks to the Geeks, a brief mention of (the first) Hannibal, and never depositing two hundred dollars, Kenyatta goes and goes, his prose opposes fixed coordinates, this/these poems unfolding origami-like before the limits of understanding. A diary of mad fun and sullen rectitude, careening around my skull in philosophical glee. I suspect “JP” means Jet Propelled, or Just Perusing, or Jamming Profundity. I give this book an easy ninety-nine with a bullet– you can dance to it, all right, all night, outta sight!


Another’s Lines

Some days reading is more a task of imagination – staring – off the page

instead of following scripts

Sometimes early on,

moving late into night


are more shards

than window or mirror

Each page alternates between

one last chance and one time

The blazed path is somehow rocky

and switchbacks

switch no more

the slope is angled

almost 90 degrees

and the road cut

right up the median

The blanket a half inch of wool, cotton or snow

all seen a good chance against this

City and country both real

but the words so strewn

make no stops

at either station

Then this pen has to equip itself for travel

to the end

not being reached


in another’s lines

Relying On

Relying on no entrance

thought becomes


and therefore

thinks for itself


Processing an exit

as continuity


Fearing its own disjoint

as the essence

of death


Which also has no reliance.

Now Available: Playing Dead

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Playing Dead

an epic poem

Calculated Risks

in extremes

play is troublesome

whether with fire

or ending in frostbite.

direction has no inborn


about whom to hurt


accidents happens

according to

calculated risks.

Or, maybe it doesn’t sit so well

with what else was


and beyond ozone, ionosphere

to outer reaches becoming penitent

feel revenge     -hereditary-

of temptation

turned sour.

But Guess Again

What sentiment is so equally shared





Absolute has no relation to


tether’s hold is not another

way of saying

relation- empathy returned

the book of resemblances

was not written in sympathetic



vowels harmonize given the opportunity


clusters also

are broken

when chance is had


but guess again for stars draw            long and short

of clouds in distances varied from

cones and needles



Come stripped

Enter nude

Without nuance

Pretense of support

*  * *

Beyond honest

What’s most superlative?

* * *

The tabletop has circles brushed

into its whatever-it-is


to feel


* * *

Virtue is tugged

by its opposite

to see what dolor

has been painted.

* * *

Dull and moist

city streets-

what does urbane


How is it used


not as in Verlaine’s



Not Victorian

but currently

in the post-contemporary



After the passing

of the Avant and Van-



Where maybe

question marks

shouldn’t be used

or capitalized

(meaning turned

on its head

for preguntas)