Delicate wish-chaser

 the voyage can turn

into the middle passage

at anytime.

Patience is measured

by what was drained from dreams,

by whatever was pushed aside

in desire’s wake,

by the amount saved

to be spent

when the time has become late.

Ships become small and stale

as days pass,

the captain becomes

less kind

and land is further away.

But persistence earns


never wanted.



Discontent wind

lusts for touch of bones

but the shivering tries

to deceive/scatter

those fingers.

Yet never for lack

of persistence

will it miss its goal

to be considered a happy

(even if immodest)

concerned lover

before finally parting.



Responsibility did not begin in dreams

-but grew up there-

nor in the bed

with love as a lesson in utility,

But awake and attentive

for sight brings birth

its recognition

its ability to be known

to know

then duty comes

to handle

thought, emotion and evacuation.


A Portrait or Maybe A Still-Life

the license read BL

because GR

would mean ‘green’

but they were grey

and that is

how they behaved

(A Bit of A Revision -for clarity at the risk of ruining rhythm)

the driver’s license read BL

but they were grey

and that’s how they behaved.

but GR means green

as far as eyes are concerned

in New York State