First Review of Slow Living by Notty Bumbo

Linearity is discouraged.
After an immersion in Slow Living, by Kenyatta JP Garcia, from West Vine Press
By Notty Bumbo
How he said it. How it got here, gets here, sends messages, goes sideways, across time and back, bounces history across personal synapses. This is a work unfolding, a journey despite its most ardent desire to locate a fixed point from which to observe, debate, break open anything within view or hidden behind unreason. From the Greeks to the Geeks, a brief mention of (the first) Hannibal, and never depositing two hundred dollars, Kenyatta goes and goes, his prose opposes fixed coordinates, this/these poems unfolding origami-like before the limits of understanding. A diary of mad fun and sullen rectitude, careening around my skull in philosophical glee. I suspect “JP” means Jet Propelled, or Just Perusing, or Jamming Profundity. I give this book an easy ninety-nine with a bullet– you can dance to it, all right, all night, outta sight!


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Playing Dead

an epic poem

Lately, It’s Been Nothing New

lately, it’s been nothing new.

been hard trying

to keep this

brittle heart

from falling

too far apart for repairs


where’s freedom when it’s needed?

freedom from

a fate coming



headlines out here getting sequels worse than the original.

scripts calling

for more violence

faster on the trigger

less backstory

new victims same villains


skin is not a uniform

skin is not a weapon

skin is not a target

skin is not a threat

skin is fragile

skin is not a choice

skin is not a liability

skin is not anybody’s fault

skin is not at fault


to be fair,

everybody makes mistakes

to be honest,

why are the same folks on the same side of the errors?


it must be something to solve for

every problem

comes with an answer

once we figure out

the control

and the variables


it must be something in the water

in the stars

in the blood

beneath it

going on and on

and on

but the end has yet to arrive


someday can’t come fast enough.

but patience is gone


anger has its reasons. sadness is the logic inscribed in our genes. sorrow the logo we want changed.

no more


no more

stories questioned

in the name of anything other than justice

no more hashtag proof

that equality

has yet to exist


lately, it’s hard not to feel hunted.

lately, extinction feels like a possibility.

children first

the women

old folks too


it’s been lonely


it’s been lonely


it’s been lonely

in solidarity.

it’s been lonely

for love.


truth is . . .

that’s the joke

been heard before.

punchline’s always same as before


Back Pocket Book Entry 28

.  .  . water discovers us . . .

                Vitaly Kalpidi


Nipples seeking out infant’s lips.


The universe has a tremendous

amount of potential

to change its own rules.


And the fuchsia of flamenco

can turn plum

at any time


as hues get outdated

and obsolete

so a new version

can be made.



Sometimes some things never change

no matter how some

cry over