In the spirit of tomorrow’s holiday, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been reading these posts over the past year or so.  And, extra special thanks for all the likes, sharing and following.  And, to those of you who have read my books on their kindle or in paperback, I hope I have brought some (en)joy(ment) to your life. 


Kenyatta Jean-Paul García


With A Toast

The thief of effort

brews all letdowns

into a stout, lager, ale-

something distinct from vodka,

wine and smoke

of existentialism.


Movement halts for a sip-

goes over the logistics

of passion

and takes another look

at plans.


Drunk on regret and failure

more time passes

happily with a toast

to friends and the future.



Soundless Directions

Some homes swallow echoes

refusing to share a voice



only new speech revives

floorboards cracked and peeling


if wishes are granted

or merely prayed to be


even once, vision must

learn to become alert

and be quick to notice

remember and follow


lost soundless directions.