Become Fixed

Don’t get over anyone except as the sun

gets over the earth

and feet over dirt

and dirt

with its understanding

of the core’s need for distance.

Entering the cities, ramps run from above

skyways down into

the heart where

finances are done

And beneath, subways push ideas from

the limbs

back to the center

And for lunch, cooling oil greases vinegar

which melts salt, spreads pepper

into the tomato seeds

loosening on lettuce

protecting meat sleeping on half roll

the other half lowered fast

with poppy seeds

firm in desire

to become fixed to teeth.


Does Not Return

Home is another way of saying

faucets drip

after being turned off,

coffee dregs are good for gardens

and the underside of pillows

live in constant state of autumn

with cool fallen down

away from warm drool

released when sleep

needed soliloquy

-hollow-                               for the walls.

The edges are smooth and joined

but slip in seasons moving

The house is Pygmalion to a hundred


and does not return desire

to renter.


left to my own devices

i’d be yours

to let my luck

be favored

by your dreams

and lies


both in tactile

and remote ways

under another’s wish

would be first i’d ask

given a chance

from lamps, stars, wells

from djinn,


or at roads

which brought us

to cross.


what help might have come at the start of the song

was lost

as lullaby

carried on into alibi.


what sleep steals from life

will never be returned.


and there’s nothing a dream will leave alone –

nightmares are

made of

what eyes

overlook /

of what lids will hide /

of those crevices and rifts

where the past hides.


where confessions

lurk under stones

only to be overturned

as restraint drifts away

into exhaustion.


comfort has no claws which can’t be clipped.

there are no memories which won’t

sharpen beaks

on ribs

fighting for the heart.


what bumps rise on skin in waking time

are regret

trying to slip out, away

from the guilts

they claimed.