Sold a smile

For less than cost

Since then

A list of expressions

Have been learned

To assist a laugh


Chapbooks and Long Poems

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truth is limitless approach   – zazen – everything    being pertinent even in freefall   where words label lies as much as give home to perceptions   and also   to feelings which accompany     all things – displaced, removed, otherwise     luminal at the site of the accident – which was no such thing or act

Scythes Dropped

Scythes dropped for oars

And the cranes

put to halt

for the nets,

and spinning spools –

unwinding down

trenches, through


breaking with ebb

and crest.



Heart on course

for leaving behind

every last

and rebuilt


Leaves Change Course

Leaves Change Course

“Love makes the discovery

wisdom abandons”

Jack Spicer

be careful confusing dreams

for fantasy,



fate is filled with needs

spoon-fed reluctantly


ripples sway water

sand is pulled back


with pebbles in ponds

leaves change course.

How Long

How Long

How long does a memory last?

Not in terms of years moving toward Alzheimer’s

But the duration.

It’s shorter than experience

itself, right?

A second, minute, hour,

how quick

through the mind

does it travel,

grow from seed

to fallen petals?

Is there a start

at all?

Do the triggers

shoot straight to the middle?

To the in the midst of?

And are endings failed

before coda,


possibly climax too?

What if “there is no final victory nor total defeat?”                                                           (Adonis – Grave For NY)