To Take Place

Dark eyed

into bright water

and so-called



Second chance


Before focus


newly opened

pupil, iris

lens –

decisions were made

to bathe

and give it over to

the yin and not the yang


nor the god

for whom

the process

was supposed to

take place.


The summer vaca…

The summer vacation smile will melt.
Groups become pairs
Single again.
I don’t know the lyrics to your favorite songs.
I forgot the tune to mine.
I changed my ringtone.
You read another’s messages before getting to mine.
I know
Because you like to save the best for last.
I think
I hope
You wish
You wonder.
Clouds don’t resemble anything to take as a good sign.
But I try to follow
What you’ve designed.
Sun’s away from here
Furthest so
But angles betray distance
Give gaze another sense.
Heating up to a funeral’s tension.
Fortunes hanging between the favors
Spent in life.
You can’t imagine. It’s not in your nature.
I’m worried. That’s my privilege. My process.
I’ve never been sure.
You live in the state of certainty
Just as you did before you chose your flavor for today.

With Being

To live simply is a lesson

still to be learned –

through grades of grammar school

up to dissertations

typed in empty apartments

with clanging

radiators to answer


put forth


Lessons are not complete.

Teachers retire and die off,

take up residence in

distant universities


Alone with recollections as research

back to autodidact

for theorem and axiom.


But in time spent, things come

and go with people

carrying or leaving them

and nobody said

whether or not simplicity

is a product

of minimalism or solitude.


As data seems to lead

to where it will

in correlation with being

. . .


At A Time – A Place Raised for Brooklyn


swamps sink

back into earth –

bring together

something which wants

to be known

– fragile yet gripping


at threshold

of concrete

bent to lean

against its womb.


Floors made no decisions

for how to exile


from concepts

of colonialists

set to make a city

where water was

separating strength

of lands

a grassy strand

at a time.