So Long

And all will pass

into the indivisible love

Andre Breton

Remember that -oh so long

ago when we were

ships whose sails

were not made

that day hour by


And ‘oh these things happen’

But now, the winged

octopus will no longer

guide this —!

For life is not always a cabaret

Sometimes it’s just pitching

coffee cups at the trash

after consuming endless days

of creamy middles

and no wafers

in sight.

* *

Or incognito

as the signs

we’re waiting

to receive

while the unspoken words

are put out to sea

And what a shanty they’ll make

And the scurvy they’ll cure

And the doldrums they’ll surpass

And oh the cargo hulls

they’ll begin to fill

So soon they’ll

throw unnecessary passengers overboard.

(written 2010)

Should Beware

The gentle caresses of a curse lull to sleep both grace and karma neither quick to action and fate is just another name for coincidence.

Foolish thing desire,

A hollow bell summoning attachment to the feast but there are no silver grains of rice and apricots with emerald pits but empty as coconut relieved of its juice.

A cocoon  leading to metamorphosis or worse yet, back to caterpillar, crawling up branch to find that particular leaf.

There is some happiness stolen from it bite by bite.

Eating without satisfaction but not eager to see Ramadan or Lent. The fast seasons leaving one begging for dates devoid of tahini or just a scrap of meat and wants feel more like needs.

But this could push moth into being

Then the sweaters should beware.

Unspoken Undesired

These very words carry a grudge against themselves

Crashing on their  own ears with bad decisions in tow awaiting the rebuttal of a thousand foreign tongues

Meteor showers off in space somewhere between this desk and light years away with all those sci-fi heroes, guns, sabres, and phasers set to stun

Nothing is drunk to health anymore but friends and the future and some left for those spirits too young to know better than to mistake secrets for wishes and prayers

Hand in hand with whatever landed this pen here with thoughts unspoken and undesired venturing deep (enough) within looking for Virgil but falling for another

Some Have The Ant

Some have the ant

to think with.


If  here then  hidden-

no time for thoughts

while     the grasshopper

conjures              up ideas


the cicadas

say it’s okay

to take the night



accepted descriptions at look given. anything wanted could come through.

wasted understanding easy as it is plain. beauty in soul alone – abandoned from formless notions unable to take in labels space from designs of will.


impulse imparts plan. blue instinctual prints confined to what fingers attach to evidence yet to find.


jealousy stronger in rain attacks boredom on its own turf / terms – defined.

repressed gratitude calls up siblings.  brings  back tables turned with faces fairly familiar but voices askew.

friends, acquaintances, feelings too distressed to maintain a name coordinate other reckless claims.


written in/to/wards – insights – misbehaved – misbeheld. insects complicate the holes left constructed/constrained. bugs rise up between words. webs spun in periods catch flies meant to cross gaps.

maggots left behind show sentences for what they are. distraught. distrusted. rot  forced out. pushed.

from experience is expelled lesser  – form. history – rejected. story – ventured – vented – released.

Take In Less

Abandon maneuvers


Tangle welcome.


at a place set

for two

and equal to

Or greater than.


Au revoir



Require more

of similarity

before it’s gone



Then take in less,

a bite



the way one

Was invented to.