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Playing Dead

an epic poem

For Another

the go-getter of emotions

the one with the team spirit

to rise to all-star status

and show others

how it’s done

living through joys and indifference

and yet not so simply sad.


complexity grows, fluctuates

and frightens other passing moods

into immobile states

before losing

energy for another.

So Readily

went to bed praying for more vocabulary

woke up to a new chess set.

black and white made their arguments in those same terms

and action almost won

without a single sound

but in joy finally gave in to ‘check’

before the eventual loss

to ‘mate.’

and that was the only time the right word

ever came so readily.

To Repetition

A new piece of mine is featured at Horse Less Review:

Never believed in unicorns nor the whispers of horses. I know a liar in any species. They all givethemselves away. And yes, if it breathes it can lie. Plants, flies, mushrooms, yeast even those fabrics,that synthetic blend of chemistry that lets air in and dries sweat super fast. . . .


I couldn’t hide behind the loss of lies to feel what it felt like to walk away before falling apart

You were so crucial

We were only what was shown

* * *

He dreams                                                                                                                       She dreamt

They tried to live



what it meant

to be impartial

* * *

motivation cited itself – plagiarized its own work by deciding against rules, standards and what too soon and too late meant

* * *

It was him                                                                                                                           It was her

against them

the wind

turned to us

you misplaced you


was tossed

in         boxes

down below

with     me


When Truth

when truth does not lie enough to feel safe, then there’s always faith

to fall back on,

bestselling belief

something to fill up on

as all else burns away.

desire exchanged its wings for lead feet

one last kiss was just another undefended explanation.

tender affections cried out for shoulders to rely on

to lift up from where illusions begin

uneasiness travels

even as it is

held back

struggles escape

give themselves away


what charm hides

is severity = sincerity

of situations

slight, slimmest hints

(c)overt flirts

something to imply

before honesty finally comes through.            Ends it all.