What A Good Way To Use The Space (Capacity Pt. 7)

What A Good Way To Use The Space (Capacity Pt. 7)

Remember that one time when your world was changed forever? Like literally. Do you remember when the landscape shifted forever? I do. I was seven.  I think. Let’s say I was seven. Well, let me say I was seven, you can say whatever you want when it’s your turn to speak. So, like I was saying before I interrupted myself, I can remember when the tallest building in town went up. It was crazy. Completely bonkers. Everybody was there for the grand opening. We just wanted to see it up close. We wanted to be in it. We wanted to take a look out on our town and see towns far way. We wanted to see the sky on the sky’s level.

Well, I was kid so that’s how I thought about it. I can’t really speak for anybody else and I did sort of have to drag my parents out to see it.  They weren’t too into it. Maybe they knew how it was going to be filled up below the observation decks. Maybe they knew just what this really meant for the town. This was just one of the many steps towards avoiding the capacity. It was a gamechanger for sure but it was and still is a marvel to behold. It’s like some serious Neo-Tokyo Akira-type shit. Fucking fascinating. I like the idea of living in a comic book town. I love our little manga streets. It’s what makes this town so special to me it. It’s totally Metropunk.

But, the one weird thing about this town is the parking. There really isn’t any. I’m no Joni Mitchell and I’m pretty sure I’d know paradise if it was paved and it hasn’t been which is sort of odd. I mean for having such big structure where are all the cars? I’m a walker. My whole family is. We’re some serious pedestrian folks. And when I’m not walking I’m running. I like the ground beneath my feet but I digress. I mean, I like a tangent. For me, it’s very street. It’s all about turning corners and crossing. To get off topic is to switch lanes or something like that which brings me back to the parking lot situation. Let’s merge back into what I’m trying to talk about. Ok,now I’m done.

So, where are the parking lots? Where do the cars go? And, now I have that Arcade Fire song stuck in my head – No Cars Go:

“We know a place where no planes go
We know a place where no ships go
No cars go
No cars go
Where we know

We know a place where no spaceships go
We know a place where no subs go
No cars go”

But seriously folks, I might be a bit conspiratorial but there’s something strange about a place without parking. Am I right? And yet, I love that building. I still see it with those seven year old eyes. It’s something special and besides, what else were we going to do with the space?


Flash Nano Day 2: Airport (Capacity Pt. 2)

Airport (Capacity Pt. 2)

Some towns lose a restaurant or two then maybe some stores and then the movie theater is gone. Before you know it, the mall is gone. That’s how a town deteriorates. That’s how it goes down hill. But, that didn’t happen around here. In fact, I just saw Dr. Strange down at the Cineplex yesterday. I mean, he’s not my favorite hero or anything like that but I just needed to go somewhere. You know, spend some time at the movies like in that Delmore Schwartz story. I think it was In Dreams Begin Responsibilities.

Anyway, when it comes to movies, I’m not too into fantasy. I guess superfolks are fine but I like something a little more grounded. Well, at least grounded in reality. That is to say, I do like movies about airplanes – seeing as how we don’t have an airport anymore. I’ve never seen an airplane going overhead. Never been up to one up close, so to speak. Everything I know about planes is from magazines and movies. The airport shut down a long time ago back when we first reached capacity. But, every now and again I hear the old folks talking about the old days at the turn of the century back in like ’99 or 2000 when there were planes around here.


I wonder what it was like to get away into the air and just go. The old folks said they’d been in a plane or two. They were up in the sky, in the clouds and eating peanuts, watching old movies like Trains, Planes and Automobiles with some dead actor. They said in the plane, you had to buckle up when the light came on and stay seated until the plane got into the air and then you could go to the bathroom but other than that, there really was’t any reason to get up. It’s not like the train where there are so many cars and so many people but you could drink on a flight and that sounds just great. I could use a drink right now.


On an airplane, there are window seats and aisle seats. Which do you prefer? I mean, on a plane, do you want to the world below or do you want to have easy access to get out in case things go awry? If I was on a plane, I’d want to be near the window. What do all those other places look like? What are their capacities? What’s the maximum of the cities spread across the country? Are their buildings taller than ours? What kind of lights do they have? And, besides when you get tired you can put your head on the window and sleep. Sleep is important. Just think about it, you leave here and wake up elsewhere. It’s the dream come true.


I wonder what the service was like up in the sky. I mean, I hate waiting for refills down here so what was it like up there. I mean, I know nowadays, you don’t always get a full can of Coke but back in the day, what was it like? Were the meals any good? Does food taste different that far up? Let’s really talk about this, like if I was going to have a city in the sky or an airship or something like that, what are the pros and cons of altitude?

I could google it but I’d love to hear the firsthand accounts. I guess I could talk to the old folks but who’d want to do that? Next thing you know they’ll start talking about cassettes and Nirvana and I’m just not into all that.


I don’t know why the airport was the first thing to go when the capacity was hit but it was. Maybe there’s just not enough traffic to warrant one. This certainly isn’t a tourist trap. I guesses buses and trains are good enough for this place. And realistically, you can drive to a place with planes but it’s not the same not having your own airport. It’s almost like we’re not on the map. We’re not important. Next thing you know, the news’ll be talking about the weather and you’ll have to look for the next closest town to get an idea of how cold it is around here. All a town ever really wants is to be recognized, I think. I mean, I want to say where I live and have folks say, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that place.” It feels good to be known. Your place is your place forever even if you get away. For me, I’ll always carry ‘the capacity’ with me no matter where I go. And what will folks bring here? What can visitors bring to us? I mean, if we even have enough room for visitors.

Where’s the furthest away you’ve been? Have you flown before? Did you go over seas? Tell me about it. I haven’t been too far. I can’t seem to save up enough money to get really far away and my folks never did like to travel. I mean, we did little trips, seen some stuff, but never so far away as to feel like we were anywhere really different from here.

Nanowrimo is here! Or, for me, it’s FlashNano. 30 Stories in 30 days. Flash fiction!


What could be worse? What could be better? That time of year when the wind picks up and the night gets cooler. That time of year when the leaves have gone from red to brown. That time of year when the streets are lined with bags full from a day’s hard work in the yard. What could be worse? It’s only a matter of time before the snow really starts to stick. It’s only a matter of time before the big coats have to come out and the boots and the salt on the sidewalk.

It’s calm around these parts for now. This town’s never been to much for exorcisms or abductions. It’s pretty chill. We go to work and we go home. Maybe in between, we have a coffee and scroll through the newsfeed. Maybe on other days, we pour ourselves a rye and watch a show. Maybe on other days we got out for a pint and see what’s new in the neighborhood. Maybe even see who’s new.

There has to be somebody new, right? The town hasn’t hit its capacity yet, has it? We haven’t reached our brink, have we?


Everybody’s got to believe in something and ‘God’ knows I do.  I believe that bad things come to those who wait that’s why I always like to keeping it moving. I mean, not like moving out of town or any of that such nonsense but like staying busy. I’m a doer and I’d suggest the same for you. It’s how I’ve made it this far. I literally made it. It and this and far. You can make anything if you try hard enough or often enough. You can even make distance. Far is an assemblage. A compilation of attempts. But, the big thing to remember is, don’t be a stranger nobody likes a stranger. New is nice. Familiar is better. It’s safe. No, that’s not true. It’s comfortable. You can sleep at night knowing familiarity exists.


Anyway, sometimes I think back to those old ghost stories I used to hear when I was kid and those shows and movies and especially comic books about spirits, ghosts, demons and that sort of stuff. I never bought into it. Not that kind of stuff nor zombies or vampires either. It just doesn’t add up. Never did. And, aliens, that’s some other funny stuff. Who’d want to come here? I mean, I don’t want to leave but who’d want to visit?

Personally, I always liked those Little House on the Prairie type of shows. Well, until I got older and learned that I was pretty much alone in that love. Well, that was just the first time I learned that I was alone in love but that’s a conversation for another time and another audience.

So, back to the story at hand if there is a story at hand, it’s that time of year. You know, when the brownouts roll through town. It’s been a long time since a blackout but the brownouts, those come and go every few years or so. Just a house here and there gone out. No lights and the streets dim for a bit then it’s back to business as usually. You know, the regular stuff. The nothing new kind of stuff.


So, what do you do? I don’t do much. I mostly just go on about my business. I pay my bills a bit late like everybody else and try not to act too much of a fool. You know what I’m talking about, right? You know, I mean, I go to work and wait for the time to pass and then I go home and try to forget about the day until tomorrow when I do it all over again. Then the weekend comes and I’m not so old that I can’t enjoy a weekend so I do. I go out. I get my drink on. Sometimes I go overboard. Sometimes I haven’t had nearly enough to enjoy myself. This is how it goes in this town. This is how it’s been going for, I guess, forever in this town.


Nobody’s ever needed me for anything and that’s a good thing. I never have anywhere I need to be – besides at work – but other than that, I’m basically free.  What could be more beautiful than having no commitments? You know how much you can get done when you don’t have anything to do? You can get a whole lot of nothing done.  A whole lot. You’ll need a lot if you want to make sure that you’re not the one that pushes the town past its capacity. Every vessel can only hold but so much. There’s always a maximum. Learn how to work within it. That’s what I always think but rarely say – except  for now, for example. I’m trying to help you out. It’s that time of year again.




Times like now when the snow has given the town its first taste of winter, this is when the talking starts. Conversation before becoming cabin-bound for the next few months. Get all the advice possible. Learn a few things. Make lists. Fill up on something for the lonely times. Give the old dreams some new playmates.


These days the air is delicate. It breaks easily for words. The summer’s frost between two at the bar melts. With options dwindling, any talk will do.


Didn’t know where to begin.

Didn’t know where this might go.

Didn’t know

Didn’t ask


Town is one thing. Home is another.  The two are governed by different dictates. Faces worn for the world slip off once threshold is crossed.


The smiles brought to town on these cold days are discarded  back home where the position in this world is further understood. In the space of a room with snow pressing its cold in, into the skin, the situation is solidified.


Winter will be another loss.  Hope will have to be held for another season.


The home. The cabin is stocked as meager as what could be afforded. The walls are for one but more would be merrier. Bar is further than should be traveled by foot. Risky, buzzed on icy road, bad tires.


Company is imaginary once again.


These days when the snow lets up. Gives the world a break and town feels close again. It’s time to take chances again.


Play the game of talk too much or say too little. Everybody’s got loneliness on the mind but everybody’s also getting used to it then the winter will be through and cold will be a part of the town again. Ice between everyone until the chill returns to shock. Warm one to another. Warn one of solitude. Bring together for a moment or more. Always less than needed.

From the Superhero’s Diary by Kenyatta Jean-Paul Garcia

Sparks of Consciousness is seeking short prose of all kinds. Here’s just one example

Sparks of Consciousness

From the Superhero’s Diary


Kenyatta Jean-Paul Garcia

No question about it. I’m better than you. It’s what I do. You wouldn’t understand. I should be humble. Pride being a sin and all but I have the other six covered. Not a bad percentage. Better than yours I must say.

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Follow Up

Sparks of Consciousness

Follow Up


Kenyatta Jean-Paul Garcia

And so, ‘been done’ took the drink from the bar which made a follow up to what hadn’t yet occurred rather difficult. One hand on the glass, one on the wood, those words were there, printed to be seen for any observing – of which many were who would want to approach to get something going.

Coming close to closings, endings are more than apparent. Ended. But, the question of continuation continues. What brought on the end also goes on. Been Done’s been done being addicted to discussion. Nothing else to say. All’s been lost in what one once was hooked on.

In the flesh, there’s nothing else to pick up on but words run across a forearm lifting for another sip as the other arm lets go of old habits.

On the tongue of another is the same or close enough drink and…

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