From Not So Fast

Not So Fast

But there is a chasm
filled with scripts
or screenplays.
Somewhere there’s a rusty
RCA Victor mike
And a Yamaha amp
with peculiar buzz
of mosquito secrets
And no one has been able
to fill the ad.
Openings and closings delayed
with the same repartee of one of these
* * *
Can’t both stare in the mirror
in the same moment.
Two wholly wholes
halfway blended
Connected – a point just beyond
the brain.
Craniums fused into one –
with lyrics
of cowboy songs.
A multi-appended chimera
facing two ways
into compromise
And when one goes
I’ll have to carry
that load
String arrangements.

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dew stuck to grass till morning bid

   the condemned drops be free

With A Toast

The thief of effort

brews all letdowns

into a stout, lager, ale-

something distinct from vodka,

wine and smoke

of existentialism.


Movement halts for a sip-

goes over the logistics

of passion

and takes another look

at plans.


Drunk on regret and failure

more time passes

happily with a toast

to friends and the future.