20 Lines A Day

I have decided to take on a 20 line a day task over at:


in addition to posting my poems and photography here.

Although 20 lines does not sound like a lot of writing and indeed it’s not, I write more than that almost everyday, these 20 lines are minimally revised -as I only give myself 1 hour to complete each piece.  In essence, these poems will be very similar to my In Progress and Straight To Screen pieces.

I’ve only written 2 poems so far with my theme being the Other Side of Distance.  Due to my lack of any desire to write a novel or even an epic poem (meaning a poem requiring character and plot -not simply length) I figured I could take these next 30 days to compose what is essentially a chapbook around a certain theme.

Also, on this site there are essays, photography and the poetry of Melissa Hassard of http://objetsdevertu.wordpress.com/

So, I hope you’ll take a look at at that site in addition to this one and let me/us know what you think.




Straight to Screen

This air and the forces which pull it along the avenue

were not enough to push

the past upon the present to lean upon tomorrow

and the words

which should be

coming from the drafting and deconstructing

of the shadow

from which was cast

by flowers in bloom

upon the wings-to-be

which will hold burdens

when the molting finally comes.