Straight to Screen

Interrupted communication – summer/winter.   blue and white arms serving only to service each other with the plate passing of squash and cranberry dishes while on other side is whatever is so-called prima vera.

bronze pages of illuminations shuffled through by kids’ shoes, critters, dogs aware there are no bones there -other than skeletons of resolutions broken and ready to be re-written soon.

trees for the forest revealed and lazy-eyed.  anything can take on object to their subjective selves as they no longer provide shade nor shelter for soil reposed till the plate comes around again with rutabaga, celeriac, potato and maybe with all luck borscht will move to bring hibiscus back to birth then the violets follow

and it’s back to the budding grove.


Back Pocket Book Entry 26

Gitana, age has stolen your wander from you

and left you with need for apparatus

merely to stroll cashier to chair

with coffee.

How many falsities ran the marathon of the face

while verities remained

at starting line?

Which of your stories and sayings

have lapped

the tables and campfires

the most?

And strategy speediest to get where

you are

with a few cents

and strides left?

And This Is Why

not even Christ

and the Buddha

were without mistakes

sometimes it is Karma/Destiny

for Grace/Miracles

to erase missteps

from written pages

so, was there ever

an occasion

to use first person

singular possessive pronoun?

Or, only with arrogance

was this word



no genitive case

could ever keep


the noble plasticity

As eventually

a divorce is

filed between dreams

and daylight.

so that shaved and scarved heads,

upturned and clasped hands

can make new steps

towards  end.