Not Yet (Capacity Pt. 11)

Not Yet (Capacity Pt. 11)

One day we will get there but that day ain’t yet.



accepted descriptions at look given. anything wanted could come through.

wasted understanding easy as it is plain. beauty in soul alone – abandoned from formless notions unable to take in labels space from designs of will.


impulse imparts plan. blue instinctual prints confined to what fingers attach to evidence yet to find.


jealousy stronger in rain attacks boredom on its own turf / terms – defined.

repressed gratitude calls up siblings.  brings  back tables turned with faces fairly familiar but voices askew.

friends, acquaintances, feelings too distressed to maintain a name coordinate other reckless claims.


written in/to/wards – insights – misbehaved – misbeheld. insects complicate the holes left constructed/constrained. bugs rise up between words. webs spun in periods catch flies meant to cross gaps.

maggots left behind show sentences for what they are. distraught. distrusted. rot  forced out. pushed.

from experience is expelled lesser  – form. history – rejected. story – ventured – vented – released.