A Little Snow Is Good For the Soul (Capacity Pt. 22)

A Little Snow Is Good For The Soul (Capacity Pt. 22)

I like it when the world slows down for a bit. When this place goes a little Lake Woebegone for a few months. Snow is the way nature has chosen to scatter its Sandman dust over us folks. Snow puts us a bit more at ease. Into a state of rest – well except when the cabin fever strikes then, it’s positively sadistic. Like the clouds get off on your frustration.

Winter isn’t too long around these parts but it’s certainly long enough. I mean, even one cold day can feel like an eternity. Put enough snow on the ground and you consider a nap your best form of attack. Sleep is a weapon. Sometimes the only way to fight the weather is with somnipunk. Just take a respite from the falling snow and wake up when it’s all over. Hibernation is a powerful thing. It feeds the soul when the body can no longer fight for itself.