Comeuppance Of Age (Capacity Pt. 21)

Comeuppance Of Age (Capacity Pt.21)

When you’re a kid you have some ideas about how the way the world works. You need to. Every good plan starts with a firm foundation. We go to school with the thought that maybe we’ll learn something that will help us get ahead and get out of this world.  Or at least get out of this version of the world.

Then one day we grow up. We don’t know exactly when we’ll grow up but one day we’ll know that we’re an adult. And being adult happens differently for each person. Likewise being a kid never stops for some and being a kid comes with its own subjective understandings.

For me, one day I was a college kid and then I wasn’t. 21 wasn’t easy and it’s been worse since then. My parents ‘died’ one after another when I hit 21 and I’ve been on my own ever since. This is when I started to get a grasp of the capacity and I think I know how it works. That’s when I started rusting. Maybe I’m a hoarder but we’ll need more parts some day. I’m promising you that.


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