Like You Have Somewhere Else To Be (Capacity Pt. 14)

Like You Have Somewhere Else To Be (Capacity Pt. 14)

If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention but what the fuck you gonna do about it anyway? Shit, sometimes you just gotta learn how to begin again or maybe I’m letting the depression speak for me again. You know me, I’m all nullpunk and scattergoth. Lot’s to be indifferent about and even more to be sad about.

So, on days like today where nothing is worth giving a fuck about, I might as well get going. Right? Going’s always better than staying even if going is only for a day. I don’t have any real get up and go but I could go somewhere else for awhile. Stare off into space from another cafe far enough away from here. You ever daydream in a big city? It’s so much better than small town fantasizing.

I remember the last time I really hit the road. I was younger than I am today – obviously. It was long stretch of road between me and where I thought I wanted to be. You know, I just wanted to see the coast. I never saw the other ocean before so I hopped in a bus and hit the highway. Deep down I wanted to leave forever but I always knew I’d end up back here. And, so here I am wanting to get away again. You know, I’m beginning to believe the highway is really just a metaphor for something else. A very real and physical one but a metaphor nonetheless. It stands for something and I have yet to figure out what.


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