Oh, Don’t Do That (Capacity Pt. 10)

Oh, Don’t Do That (Capacity Pt. 10)

Look, there are just some things you’re not supposed to do or talk about. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. My momma tried to raise me right. But, sometimes I do stuff and talk about stuff and talk about doing stuff. I commit a trifecta of taboos.

Look, I shouldn’t even be talking about the capacity but I have to. How can’t I? How can anybody act like we’re not closing in on the day of the blackout. How can people act like they don’t see the roving brownouts? Why isn’t anybody going apeshit over CapCorp Tower 2? Oh, but I’m not supposed to talk about it? And, I’m damn sure not supposed to be drinking on it.

And, you know what, for being a drunk I don’t make a lot of mistakes. I’m pretty good about keeping it calm. Staying chill is sort of my thing but when I go home after a night of drinking, I find myself looking up some stuff. Looking at some stuff I shouldn’t be. I’m not embarrassed about it even if I shouldn’t be doing it. I’m thinking about my future and maybe getting some pleasure out of it.

I like looking at parts. I do a lot looking for spares. I’m a bit of a scrapper and that’s not cool around here. This town doesn’t like us rusters and scrappers always thinking about the good old pieces that might fix this brand new world.

There’s something scary about the new. I’m no sentiment wanker. I don’t fantasize to nostalgia in the wee hours of the night but I’m a collector. What if I have to fix something myself? Imagine the joy I get every time I think I found the right piece?


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