It’s Just Like It Was Said (Capacity Pt. 8)

It’s Just Like It Was Said (Capacity Pt. 8)

Sometimes you have to sit back and listen. Those times aren’t always easy but you don’t want to miss a thing. Some things are more important than others. Some statements matter more than others.

Whenever I see a press conference I get worried. Who’s the mark? Who’s going to have to pay for it? Who’s going to feel the pain of the consequences? Every statement has consequences especially when it’s said by somebody with more money than you.


“We, as your city council, have everything under control. There are plans underway to control for all the possible outcomes. We have the best mathematicians and scientists hard at work on the problems. We are working with CapCorp to come up with real solutions to get us through this difficult time and we’re proud to present CapCorp Tower 2 as the first step towards turning this city around.”


I love building up this town but now I’m worried? Why do we need another tower? What kind of solutions are possible? And wait, is the problem that bad? Do I have more to be worried about than I thought? How long have we been going in the wrong direction? What’s the right direction? And how will another tower help?


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