What Are Others For

Same old same old different day. There is always a new poem that’s been written before.


You want a cookie because I sure do? I think we all could go for a treat every now and every again.


Goku can’t beat Superman. I don’t care what you say even if you didn’t say anything.

Look, I hate Batman. I don’t trust him. Anybody with that much money is much more likely to be a bit more of a Lex Luthor than a Bruce Wayne. Just saying.


Did you just Wittgenstein me? I’m motherfucking Frege you little Bertrand Russell piece of shit.


Sorry. I’m still a little tender to the touch. Been a long life living on the internet among the ghosts of hopes passed.


I’m the sea that drowned in pirate tears.

Two drops for every bucket. One eye for each misery.


Where was this going? I don’t know but let’s pretend that I like you and you can do what you want with that. I’m up for whatever. It’s been since just this morning when I woke up since last I was bored and lonely. So, tonight’s as good a night as any to let some shit slide.


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