Made Of These

What’s it like on the south side of Mars? For those folks raised out there? Is it safer up there?

Is there no air in space because there’s no reason to waste your breath on prayers?

How much was the fare and how well did the farewell go? If ever you were even able to bid anyone such a thing.


No confinements are self-assured. Prisons prove themselves by the lack of escapes not merely by their walls.

No matter how brittle the captivity is if one resigns oneself to remaining, there is strength in the cell.

Surveillance works not by watching but by word of its doing so.

It’s a preventative world we endure.


How many other things have we been told here on this planet with its blues, greens, and transparencies imperfect in so many ways?

These gases expanding. These lungs collapsing. These pages running out on me.

What I didn’t know when I began remains something for which I wait as the covers serve up empty promises and then expect a tip for service.


Never had a shot in hell but luckily it’s pretty bright down here. Though, there’s sweat in the eyes.

And the greatest lie the Devil ever told was the truth. Which truth? All the truths. The ones that prove how cruel our Maker is and the truth that our Maker was nothing more than twisted serendipity. A sick happenstance. An ever-growing coincidence.


But what about the other planets and their alignments? Who knows? Go ask them. Maybe the divine did a bit more interfering there.


In uptown Jupiter are the streets safe?

On the beaches of Pluto are folks walking hand in hand although they deeply disagree? Do they think about us and our destruction?


Well, here comes the rain again.

(Tell me. Tell me.)

Now, here comes the sunshine.

(Tell me. Tell me once more.)

I can see clearly now.

(Close your eyes when you want to sleep.)

“Ooh child, things are gonna get easier

Ooh child, things’ll get much brighter”

(I want to know)

Some day, we’ll walk in the haze of the atom bomb again.

Some day

Seen a lot of what the world can do

But beware, look at the night –

Things are gonna be a lot lighter.

(Now, with a smile.)

Some day.

Sweet dreams are made of these.


One thought on “Made Of These

  1. This is really good. I love the flow of it. You have a rather articulate voice. And the contrast with the parentheticals and whatnot. Well done.

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