this is where we’re at

eaten alive/ to finish.season to season answers stalled for convenience.nobody’s smiling.this city/that block.takes more than we have to hold it down against the machine coming for us.this game’s got nothing on what’s being pimped on us.something stronger to sling is on its way.harder high/lows to undercut oppressed.petty bourgeoisie disenfranchised in the streets.power redistributed from low wages to make the next buck tougher to hold onto.days spent trying to shake that load off are cut short.curfew.pat down.surveiled.thoughts liberated of’s avantgarde around here to wonder.where have the parades gone? and lyrics incomplete.all been given to those buried stars that guided us and ours from home to here to now to same old same chain.but today’s primetime for a show of what’s next.possibilities to be born.hopes ready to be deployed.everyday was the range folks getting a taste of the sun, feel of the cold, view of other fields from the fence before the slaughter.yesterday was the flame.slash and burn.woke up this morning with different and there penned in skin marked.branded for burden.destined for one purpose.brought to be here for one thing.brought up with other ideas.disagreements end in finality around at it again.survival continues.learned to’s in the blood.forgetting how to get tired.lash is wearing thin.chain is rusting.border is ready for breaking.

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