I at Sea

Storm lightened sea in bursts. Close had no current meaning as shore was forgotten in breeze become attack on sails. As each took to a post, a pole, a rope, a task, spread away one from the other and from what lead the ship out this far.


The ‘we’ of the crew has become rhetorical. The teamwork is lost as instinct takes over. Where’s the solidarity in sinking?


Composure kept for the good times can’t be held together as one loses another. As you separates from I. The strength now become multiple singulars is outnumbered by factors beyond control. By elements finding new directions from which to attack.


How awake is one when closest to fears of the end? Or, is it instinct as close as one gets to the subconscious, underworld, underside of the psyche? The mind? Stuff of the Self?


There’s always something to be afraid of. More to fear than thought brought to mind.


Dark isn’t only for nights. It comes in clouds over sails. It comes to shirts mixed in sweat and rain. In will overcome with futility.


Crests fall as rain continues. A captain is not known for boosting confidence. Only for commanding emotions be set aside for necessity of task. For need of one and other intertwined in microcosm of a vessel alone at the whim of water and weather and life incapable of being anything other than what they are – untamed but built for the life being lived. Ready only for instinct and adapting as seamlessly as it seems to outsiders. Observers.


4 thoughts on “I at Sea

  1. I absolutely love the format you have chosen for this piece. I have never read anything quite like it. You have such a strong and clear voice–“where’s the solidarity in sinking?” Easily one of the best pieces I have read in recent memory. Cheers!

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