Outgrow Captivity

receiving blanket


plush lie

for newborn

to be embraced in


crib’s bars

appear to be adequate

as one

can only hope


outgrow captivity

7 thoughts on “Outgrow Captivity

  1. I like this, made me think of a song by Faith No More called jizzlober:
    smiles; bruises; smiles; bruises; bars in the womb
    and to think our greatest jailor is our self, and we hope to live long enough to outgrow our mental prisons
    never looked at a crib like that

    • I haven’t thought about Faith No More in quite some time but any comparison to Mike Patton is gratefully accepted. Actually I was inspired by lyrics when I was writing this piece but the band I was listening to was Titus Andronicus.

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