For All Those Twitter Folks

I wanted to let all you know about a wonderful project geared towards using Twitter as way to spread poetry.


You can also find 3 poems by me on the website along with lots of other great poems by people from all over the world.


4 thoughts on “For All Those Twitter Folks

  1. hey kjp

    this is a brilliant concept kjp, thanks so much for the share. i bookmarked it so i could read your poems and possibly consider submitting my own. i completed one this morning, would love for you to read it.

    and thanks for the like on my Brooklyn story, i always appreciate the encouragement.


  2. Awesome idea! I try to share poetry on Twitter too, but I do it in a way that I like to call incubation. Have an idea or a line? Tweet it and use a hashtag that’s individual to you. It’s a fun, stream-of-conscious style of keeping up with ideas.

  3. Garcia check out or writings from our youth. I think you’ll like as much as i like your work. 🙂

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