Final Period

The first line was written

and it took electrons rotating

to create dialogue


Before looking was possible

there was the essential,

the need for,

the no other choice


deliverance by a sound.


Light was failing

even as it was

made so

And all things immaculate

were covered in dust

undisturbed     -misunderstood-

as final period.


7 thoughts on “Final Period

  1. I’m getting Genesis, Quantum Physics and the end of the universe depicted in both Biblical and Astrophysical terms, but that’s just me. It put me in mind of images of galaxies, vast bright gas clouds, along with the Time Machine’s hero’s view of the end of time. All of this shot through with a sense of questioning and uncertainty. A truly excellent piece of writing. Puts me in mind of Modernist poetry, especially Robert Lowell, in terms of where you choose to end the lines. Once again great poetry.

    • thanks. i love the fact that you used the word ‘anarchy.’ i’ve been reading felix feneon and he was all about anarchy and ‘words at liberty’ which is the secret mantra of futurist writers such as klebnikov and onwards to disjointed writers such as myself.

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