It Should Be Such

It should be such

Tantalus-like good fortune

if coming so close

ends so soon.

And yet it is experience

which speaks,

‘These things happen.’

As an Echo reaches

out for Narcissus

but fallen on petals

the advances

go unheard.

The fly at screen door

smelling honey

And salt humid

in shaker

stuck in one clump

Electricity with nowhere

to ground


feeling the constraints

of suburbia

The new translation

no better than the rest begins-

“Of arms and the man I sing”


This is a poem from Enter The After-Garde: Selections from 1998-2010

available for Kindle Sunday February 10th.


4 thoughts on “It Should Be Such

  1. This poem fairly seethes with frustration. The phrasing promotes this using rich metaphor and – I think – the conclusion indicates that it goes on and on without resolution. A lovely lyrical riddle that I enjoyed reading. Well done.

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