From Stubborn

if a good feeling was all it took

and practice made perfect


how a taste could hang around

get better

aging on tongue


in throat words used before

ask to be

autumn wind


blowing what needs to die

from stubborn trees



3 thoughts on “From Stubborn

  1. I really liked this. But, my left brain kept asking what happened after the conditionals. It would work better for the left brained IF …. the 3rd sentnece was “how could a taste hang around” and not “:how a taste could hang around” . Thank you for the words.

  2. Thanks for the reply but don’t look at the ‘if’ as a conditional and thus expecting a ‘then.’ Think of it more as casting the entirety of the poem into the subjunctive -the possible. As for the placement of ‘could,’ think of it as a modal verb. If the could was switched it would become a question. Here, the how and the could work to create a sense of more possibility/potential.

    Oh, and there were supposed to spaces between the ‘lines’ creating independent stanzas. Sometimes wordpress erases my spacing between stanzas but I fixed it.

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