Silence Remembers

Memory has touch
with hands hardened from sleep
feet blistered from dreams
tongues of stone behind welded lips
while cheeks give away
what is hidden within
and sit as rocky shores
for wrecks to wash up
so in sharing each other’s feel
another experience
is collected
to press into sailors
who would reach
willingly for jagged cliffs.

There are chronicles compiled to dance with
whomever should come calling

there is an embrace dying
to hold
another’s volumes
a thousand songs or more to play
which will no longer hurt toes
as being stepped on is welcome again and again
a million notes or so
for fingers opening, wrapping,
and enclosing
new soft flesh
wanting an adventure
to think back to
when night is over
and walk home
no conversation to come to
no talk then either
Silence remembers
and shares its struggles well.


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