Considering What Comes Next

The envelope is sealed

laying lip-side up

The saliva of hope

was run across tomorrow’s face.

Then with a secret placed inside

for some certain someone

the wet side was pressed

down to safety

for future’s secure

delivery of message.

And when next hand meets this paper

the moisture will be gone

only the stiff, locked

unknown will look up

prepared to be opened.

And hope will switch from sender to recipient

considering what comes next.


9 thoughts on “Considering What Comes Next

    • Thanks. For me, I’ve always liked a good letter. I still enjoy a good email. I love holding the envelope for a moment before opening it and hoping that all is well -actually, I hope, all will be better once the contents inside are seen.

      • There is something so romantic about letters. There is a great book series that is told through postcards and letters. You actually take the letters out of their envelopes and read them.

  1. I wanted you to know that I nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. (It’s on my site). I am really enjoying your blog and wanted to acknowledge your writing and get others to visit your site.

  2. “And hope will switch from sender to recipient”, hope this form of communication doesn’t get completely lost in the future. A 6th grade teacher said that cursive writing is no longer taught in her school district…

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