And This Is Why

Each line

was written for a certain character

on the face

Each crease

was for coming back to,

for holding a place

And each mark

was to highlight,


 the important stuff

gathered over a few decades

of researching

How even the air

can create a scar.

15 thoughts on “And This Is Why

  1. I had a senior friend who said that she had earned every wrinkle and wouldn’t trade any of them because the memories were too precious. Love the poem, thank you.

    • I wouldn’t say that wrinkles are vilified. They are merely recognized as standing for experiences/memories and also for being the creation of how even air (nature) conspires against the skin. Also, wrinkles are the rust of humanity. While I believe in aging gracefully, I would like to put off the outward appearance of maturity for awhile.

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