If truth missed the mark

it’s only because


warped the arrows


27 thoughts on “Distilled!

  1. It’s funny how we limit ourselves by being caught up in what we think we should be looking for instead of just letting it happen…beautiful reflection

  2. Another great piece of poetry…damn. This is fantastic, especially for using so few words to create such a powerful image. That is something I’m not so great at myself, but I like watching other poets get it right.

  3. Have to wonder what the mark is, and whether truth is really capable of missing it – truth is the friend who can either let you in on a great secret about yourself, or tell you when you’re just pissing in the wind. If the arrows are warped, then it’s not really truth anymore. Truth is one end of the spectrum, rationale at its purest, emotion far away by a measure of infinity, nearly impossible to experience as people because much as we’d all like to be completely objective about things, there’s always some small part of us tugging on that objectivity. So the question becomes if at any point truth emerges completely unwarped – from my position, safe to say that there are moments where truth falls upon us without preparation or expectation. In that sense, it’s less of an arrow shot from a bow, and more of a stray and infrequent raindrop, come now, gone soon, but lingering depending on where it strikes.

    Very thought-provoking. I’ve been reading through a lot of your stuff and I really like what you’ve written, particularly the conciseness with which you deliver it all. And thanks so much for visiting my blog, much appreciated.

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