Moving Thoughtlessly

Midas reached out in autumn

then the leaves

dropped to the chilled ground.

He reached out again to the fields

then the farmers came to collect

the flax and wheat.

He tried the sky

and the clouds came in

and covered the sun

in lightning and rain.

He settled upon a head

who became happy

to be blonde

and thought maybe

there’s a chance

at being the next Marilyn

So she left Midas too.


Finally, after watching the seagulls for awhile

He took his gift and placed it on his watch

and retired

looking at the seconds

encased in gold

moving thoughtlessly along.


21 thoughts on “Moving Thoughtlessly

    • Thanks for reading and I appreciate the sentiment. I always hope something lingers after reading. I always say a good poem is found not in the reading but afterwards when you’re left with your thoughts.

  1. I like how the allusion to Midas evolves. What is golden in the world deepens as Midas, the clueless one, retires to think it over. Poor fellow is still mourning his daughter who could have been more than Marilyn, although she didn’t do so well either. The men of Midas’ kingdom in exile should not run for President or at least do honest dating.

  2. I’ve come back to this a few times now and re-read it. The visual pictures that it paints in my head are really beautiful and moving. As the comment above notes, inspired and inspiring piece.

  3. God, this is a wonderful poem! Old Midas with his golden touch given his comeuppance by retiring,
    looking at the seconds
    encased in gold
    moving thoughtlessly along.
    The logic of the poem, and thus its structure, has a wonderful unity too. This is really superior writing.

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