Broken Hearted Courage

Four Distilled Approaches to a Topic

7 Word Song



Is married

To the Truth

* * *


Lonely courage knows

One mate is responsible

For its current state

* * *

2 Landays

Truth, what support did you show

when courage slept each night with only itself to blame?


Frightened truth how could you leave?

Now, courage lies at night in the steady arms of blame.


21 thoughts on “Broken Hearted Courage

  1. I just nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Congratulations! This will allow you to place the icon on your posts to let everyone know. Please look on my post for the rules. Continued success.

    • Thanks a lot. Honestly, the landays were incredibly difficult to write due to their syllable structure. It’s not just a matter of laying down 20 syllables. You really have to work with 7 then 13. And, then I also gave myself the added pressure of not adding excess words just to fill-in the syllables. I wanted the poem to feel just like any of my distilled -tightly woven- pieces. And I wanted each piece to be independent and inter-dependent at the same time (I think I was mostly successful).

  2. Wow, wow, wow. You rock! Thank you so much for finding me, so I could find YOU, kindred soul. LOVE. I reposted this on Facebook and twitter — awesome stuff. My heart is usually broken, which is why i am painted, drawing, writ in, and cooking about 18 hours a day 🙂 …. xo, JJC

    • Thanks a lot. These pieces were not easy to construct but the idea kept coming to me all night long while was at work and I’m glad that I was able to construct some decent lines around an interesting/distressing theme.

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