20 Lines A Day

I have decided to take on a 20 line a day task over at:


in addition to posting my poems and photography here.

Although 20 lines does not sound like a lot of writing and indeed it’s not, I write more than that almost everyday, these 20 lines are minimally revised -as I only give myself 1 hour to complete each piece.  In essence, these poems will be very similar to my In Progress and Straight To Screen pieces.

I’ve only written 2 poems so far with my theme being the Other Side of Distance.  Due to my lack of any desire to write a novel or even an epic poem (meaning a poem requiring character and plot -not simply length) I figured I could take these next 30 days to compose what is essentially a chapbook around a certain theme.

Also, on this site there are essays, photography and the poetry of Melissa Hassard of http://objetsdevertu.wordpress.com/

So, I hope you’ll take a look at at that site in addition to this one and let me/us know what you think.




9 thoughts on “20 Lines A Day

  1. I am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Hope you will accept. Follow the instructions in my new post (soon)

  2. Hello..Thank you for the ‘like’. Discipline is the most important thing to me in writing. I simply could not keep up with the dreams (or my crazy mind) without it. Trying to put forward what I mean. If I could write 24 hours a day effectively I would. I must limit my writing and music. Energy is vital. Each task done in life, simple as it sounds, must be done in unique perfection. If I try for that I may get close. I look to checking out your new work..Peace Tony

  3. I understand writing 24 hours a day as Tony speaks of, I would write in my sleep were it possible…and might just join you on the 20 line challenge, garcia 🙂 Much success!

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