Back Pocket Book Entry 28

.  .  . water discovers us . . .

                Vitaly Kalpidi


Nipples seeking out infant’s lips.


The universe has a tremendous

amount of potential

to change its own rules.


And the fuchsia of flamenco

can turn plum

at any time


as hues get outdated

and obsolete

so a new version

can be made.



Sometimes some things never change

no matter how some

cry over



3 thoughts on “Back Pocket Book Entry 28

  1. “And the fuchsia of flamenco…”

    Great stanza. I love the flexibility of this image. Both it’s literal and figurative paths are delightful with the whole of the poem. I like being able to imagine the light changing color over the dance while simultaneously having a shift in tone – the layers work. I like the set up for change/shifts especially with the quote about water.

  2. Deep strength here and easy all at once. Thank you for these gifts, I will definitely stay tuned in. Continued success in your work!

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