Here it is, finally, after many months of work -my first volume of poetry.  Distilled! and A Northern Elegy.

Distilled! and A Northern ElegyThis is a split volume of my collected short and spastic distilled poetry followed by a long poem to/for/about

my hometown and my old town and  . . .

These two halves were written simultaneously and in many ways, they mirror each other.  One half can be seen as snapshots and the second half as a short film.

ENJOY it, share it, talk about it!

Thanks, for all the supportive comments leading up to this book for this blog.

Kenyatta Jean-Paul García


19 thoughts on “Finally

    • Some of the poems in the volume come from the sparks and the spastic category of my blog. The book begins with the first entries from this category and covers many of those poems along with others that are not posted. And, a long poem -A Northern Elegy is brand new to readers.

    • Thanks a lot, I hope you enjoy it. Creating the Distilled! poems were a big challenge. But, I believe I’ve crafted some enjoyable/significant pieces of slipstream poetry/poetics.

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