And This Is Why

Open double-breasted Earth

with Appalachian

and Alpen buttons

Spread pinstriped meadows

to expose

the Atlantic


Ready for the fingers

and breath at-one-with

the beating

no longer hidden

beneath silken land

Let loose

subtle duldrums

for rest to return


while another side

remains unseen.

* * *

Oh, what passion to tear


your dress and leave

flung hook-and-clasp


As up


another hand reaches

toward subcontinent

sending blushes

across Mesopotamia and stiff-legged Africa

still draped

in dress

All the while nibbles

are taken to

Bering Strait

Around the frills still clutching

Russian, Canadian,


sun shy skin.

* * *


is not enough

for this world

not yet mutilated.


13 thoughts on “And This Is Why

  1. Nice metaphor — not obvious which is the metaphor and which is the topic — which makes very interesting. Very well written.

    Thanks for the link to the Adam Zagajewski poem. New poet for me, so glad that you brought this poem and poet to my attention!

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