And This Is Why

not even Christ

and the Buddha

were without mistakes

sometimes it is Karma/Destiny

for Grace/Miracles

to erase missteps

from written pages

so, was there ever

an occasion

to use first person

singular possessive pronoun?

Or, only with arrogance

was this word



no genitive case

could ever keep


the noble plasticity

As eventually

a divorce is

filed between dreams

and daylight.

so that shaved and scarved heads,

upturned and clasped hands

can make new steps

towards  end.

20 thoughts on “And This Is Why

  1. Hmmm, no comments use the word, “I” so far.
    I would say (Woops)
    I is not really “I” in an arrogant sense, more of a Leonard Cohen song,
    “our architects”= I.
    Maybe that’s why people save time and thank god rather than rolling out some long thank you list of so many other I’s. It would take too long.
    We all know the universe is one verse. We are all bones, breath, ocean, mountains…all one big I. But the illusion of separation is there for a reason me thinks so anyway….maybe to inspire a trapeze act bravery, forever on stage “I” and simultaneously in reflection “us.”
    with shame and spendour alternating day by day.

  2. You offer a lot to reflect upon. The line that struck me is the “divorce between dreams and daylight.” At some point in time, we need to reconcile who we are with what we thought we would become. For many of us this is a huge disconnect.

  3. I don’t really understand this. Sorry. I thought in English the Genitive was possessive pronouns and represented by the ” ‘s ” with nouns. How would we speak without personal pronouns?

    I understand pride and arrogance but to accuse language as the culprit is confusing to me. Perhaps you only meant if metaphorically, but it still is lost on me.

    • The issue with using genitives and possessive pronouns is twofold
      1) ownership -ex. my wife/my husband
      2) insertion of Self upon description of the other -ex. my son/my daughter

      These can be avoided through use of proper nouns/names and taking the subjectivity out of the written words (i.e. narcissistic poetry).

      And, I don’t blame language (although there could be blame put there), I say ‘with arrogance was it used?’ Because, it’s fairly arrogant to be in possession of another and therefore to keep that other encased in a connection with a Self other than their own. I take personal issue with my/mine -especially in familial/religious connotations. For example, My Lord -if you believe in Christ, he’s everybody’s Lord not just yours. Ergo, there is no need for the ‘my.’ etc etc etc

      • “And, I don’t blame language (although there could be blame put there)”—kjpgarcia

        I love that as a response to Gay Reiser Cannon’s question, a good question by the way. Gets me thinking about “My Vocabulary Did This To Me: The Collected Poetry of Jack Spicer.” He was haunted by language.

        Or Lori Anderson’s song “Language is a Virus.” We can add Garcia’s poem here to that powerful list. It’s honest. It’s a Zeppelin “Battle of Evermore”—a “sky filled with both good and bad”…..a language dichotomy.

  4. Being a devout Christian, I would argue with you about Christ’s mistakes, but I couldn’t argue with you about you writing…it is beautiful and rhythmic, just lovely… 😀

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