Straight to Screen

Bring the revolution

on subway

or by bus


Bring this before

being late to work


without the money to see

the results

on cable news network


bring it while

in loan forbearance


hurry before wages

are garnished

for medical bills


come with negotiation

so the next revolution

is not among


9 thoughts on “Straight to Screen

  1. Bees swarm when a hive runs out of honey. But before that occurs, do they see it coming…or do anything to prepare? If not, who do they blame? The queen? The hive? The countryside?

    Certainly they can’t blame themselves. After all, they’re just bees. Right?

  2. I love this for reasons both personal and obvious. The obvious is that is wonderful! The personal is just that.

    And you, my friend- rock! 😉

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