Straight to Screen

Tomato has lots of friends

summers at basil’s house

vacationing with cumin and coriander

drying in the sun

or rolling on salt’s shore.


But best

Among them is mint

For letting tomato



With just the right amount

of nods

and affirmation


And mint

gets reward

in being released from


and Kentucky Derby



(oh the umbrellas and hats.

how much can a leaf take?)


after that

next text

is to

slow caramel



17 thoughts on “Straight to Screen

  1. Just love the personification of tomato and friends! It’s fun but also very well written…poetry as I love it–sparse, using the fullness of each word. Thanks for liking my post “Yeats Warned Me”. I look forward to looking through your poetry, etc.

    • Glad you agree. It’s been a favorite combo of mine but not commonly used. I almost linked the poem to tomato-mint chutney recipes because even though there’s a bit of a metaphor here, I would like people to try the two together. Once you do, you’ll never forget it.

  2. Delightful personification … the tomato hangs out with some cool friends! It knows when to be bold and when to be subtle … very friendly character!

    Thank you for your visit!

  3. I’m bereft. My tomato betrayed me and became a deadly nightshade…of which now I am allergic! Oh cruel fate! Just when I perfected my marinara! waaaa!

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