Bumper Sticker

was honor roll student

then came buttered buns

and fries-

a paycheck

to give back

to parents with a bumper sticker

about their son.

9 thoughts on “Bumper Sticker

  1. we only have the bumper stickers about the small kids on the cars in germany over here but usually not to which university they’re going…read this a few times now…but still have to ponder which direction you’re exactly going with this..

    • honestly I don’t know where i was going other than to say i was honor roll (elementary through to high school) along with lots of other cooks. i’m not sure that after college and all those good grades early on in life, we’re living up to the future our parents were looking forward to for us.

      as for where the paychecks are going maybe to repay parents who helped pay for college or maybe to give to somebody else with a kid on the honor roll. i don’t know, usually i write most things down first but this one just came to me -technically it’s a straight to screen piece for me. maybe i’ll revise it later, maybe not. i kind of like being vague sometimes.

  2. i hear you…many have to take jobs just to help the family make ends meat these days…i worked through HS and College….there are those too that have to drop out to get jobs and help pay…this evoked that for me…

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